Top 5 Video Games (Of my choice)!!!

1. Minecraft, this game is my favorite by far. You can just build, do some intense survival or play on a server.

2. Fortnite, this game is more of a fighting game so I wouldn’t recommend this for young readers, basically you skydive on a island and find guns to pick up and hit people with.

3. Spider-Man the Video Game for PS4, this game is amazing and Fortnite barely beats it. In this game you control Spider-Man and sometimes his girlfriend MJ. You do lot’s of cool challenges and you can free play.

4.Rocket League, this game is a soccer/basketball game. You have a car and you hit the soccer ball/basketball into the goal\hoop and you play against other people. So I’d recommend that you try it out.

5. Gauntlet Slayer Addition, this game is pretty bloody but you can turn that off in settings. You just hunt for treasure and kill enemies to unlock new skills on the 5 characters (Wizard, Warrior, Elf, Necromancer and Valkyrie) and new levels.

Top 3 Gyms!!

Have you ever been to a gym if not then here are some ones you might want to consider


1. Chapel Hill Gymnastics/Chapel Hill Martial Arts, this is by far my favorite of these gyms because you can inroll your child or teen in gymnastics and martial arts I do gymnastics and it’s a great experience so I would very much recomend it for your child or if a child is reading this ask if they can join.

Image result for chapel hill gymnasticsRelated image

2.USA Ninja Challenge, if you like American Ninja Warrior or parkour then you should try this, they have alot of courses and there’s a summer camp for all ages so please ask your mom, dad or child if they/you could enroll in this.Image result for usa ninja challenge

Image result for usa ninja challenge

3. Triangle Rock Club, this rock climbing gym is another favorite and it also has a summer camp. I think the courses were amazing and there were not that many people (usally) so you got alot of turns on everything. I would give it 5/5 stars so I think you should try it.

Image result for triangle rock club


Image result for triangle rock club

My First Blog Post

Have you ever heard of Hypixel or a mini-game in Minecraft? If not then you might want to check it out.


This is is how you get to the diamond island in bedwars.


First you will have to be on Minecraft Java Edition.

Image result for minecraft java edition

Then you have to go to multiplayer and click on one of the boxes on the bottom and enter this code and if it asks you for a server name just put hypixel.

Image result for hypixel server ip

Once you get in scroll to the compass and left click on it and go then to the bed and click on it.

Image result for bedwars lobby

Then you’ll be in something like the picture above.


After that go to a alex or steve and left or right click WITH NOTHING IN YOUR HAND (also read the tags before you click so you can do different gamemodes).


Image result for bedwars pre game lobby

Then you’ll be in something like the picture above.


Once there is 8 people(solo) or 16(duos, 3v3v3v3 and 4v4v4v4) then there will be a countdown from ten and the game has started


First thing you want to do is go backwards until you get to a wall and you’ll start to get iron and gold.


These are 2 of the items that you use to buy stuff (there is also diamond and emerald but you probably won’t get any on your first round).


And once you get 16 iron and 4 gold then go to the shop called ITEM SHOP (DO NOT GO TO TEAM UPGRADES)!


And then then go to wool and buy as much as you can then find TNT and get that then press e on your keyboard.


Then go to the edge of the island and press shift and s and keep placing blocks of WOOL NOT TNT and then you should get to another island this is the diamond island.

So that’s how you get to the diamond island.