Minecraft With My Brother

Yesterday, my brother and I started a Minecraft survival world, and it has been really fun!

We started from scratch with no cheats and no texture pack or mod and have just started to live the Minecraft dream.

We decided to do a seed that a YouTuber named PythonMC  used for a flower forest, then we got some wood and started getting the basic stuff.

When I was getting wood I almost died when a CREEPER came up behind me and blew me up so I only had 2 full hearts!

Then when I was finishing up gathering wood another CREEPER came up behind me and blew me up I had died.  But in Minecraft, you always re-spawn and we made a setting so we wouldn’t lose our stuff.

After that, we started to make our houses, and I made one like PythonMC made but Jack has not finished yet.

Mine is only wood and  is a classic Minecraft house with stairs on the outside.  On the inside, there is a bed, a crafting table, a furnace, and some chests.

Jack’s house so far is a wooden box with stairs going up each side on top of cobblestone. We both have double doors, too.

I am thinking about adding a little side area though so I’m not finished.

The last thing that we made is a little underground area that connects our houses.

If you want to see me giving a house tour, then click below:

Minecraft Video – Jack and Colin

Thanks for reading my blog and seeing what my brother and I have been working on in Minecraft.   It’s been amazing and a lot of fun!


If you want to play on the seed that we used then copy this:                                                   -2157542817995956580

If you want to see Pythons first episode then go to this link:                                                  https://youtu.be/3yQqNCOYfJo

If you want to see PythonsMC’s channel then search up on YouTube:        PythonMC

The world is called PYTHONS WORLD but you can check out other series as well.


my new setup

over the time during the pandemic me and my family have gotten a lot of workout stuff.

some of the stuff inculdes a pull up bar a pair of parreletes (little bars that you can do handstands handstand push ups L hold V hold straddle hold straddle L and straddle V holds SUPER HARD but i can do all of them pretty good)and a pretty giant mat that is dark blue and can fold up.

here is the mat here is the pull up bar and here is the pair of parreletes

the thing is that all of it was for one thing that thing is gymnastics


Online playdates

I’ve gotten bored over the past few days because of being quarintined so I helped my mom start doing online play dates.

Basicly you get someones phone number or email and call the on facetime  to talk, play, and introduce to pets/siblings.

I personaly love playing magic with other people so if you like magic then you might want to try it. It’s super fun!

Also most kids want to get in touch with their friends so they’ll almost always say yes.

Try it it’s super fun!



The Grand Canyon

Over spring break I went to Arizona and went to…(drum roll please) THE GRAND CANYON!!!!

When we were there we did a lot of things. First we went to a place we could eat, then we got our first looks. It was AMAZING! I thought it was gonna be a lot smaller and had more super high places but no.

There was lots of erosion and it was just a circle and in the middle was the Grand Canyon part of it.

Then once we finished we went to walk. The walk was called the rim trail and we started walking. After about a fourth of a mile or so we found this thing called the time hike.

Then we started to walk along that and we walked for a mile more or less and then we found a sign that said Congrats You Hiked 1 Billion Years, so we looked down at our feet and there was a metal plate and it said 1,000,000,000 years.

Then after another mile we found a village and another metal plate that said 2,000,000,000 years!

Then we got some water did some shopping and hopped back onto the bus. Then we got to the parking lot and drove home (the hotel).



star wars the fallen order 2


latly I have been playing alot of the star wars game i told you about it is so so so fun.

I have been trying to kill the bad guy right now and she has 10X as much health that I do and has a lightsaber and the force.

she can also run at literly THE SPEED OF LIGHT so shes super super super super hard and I haven’t got even close to beating her.

but after looking for a while I think that I finally found a way to beat her and that is byeing the double sided lightsaber which so so so so so so many people recomed byeing and apperently each strike does 2X as much damage so that is SUPER SUPER good.

here are the bosses you have to defeat (note: i am on the second sister)

My favorite magic cards!

1. Ghalta Primal Hunger. This is definitely my favorite card it is a 12/12  for 12 mana with trample and this card costs X less to cast where X is all your creatures power. and it is super super super super super rare but it always comes in Game Night so if you want him the buy game night.

Image result for ghalta primal hunger

2. Drakuseth Maw of Flames. He is godly he is a 7/7 with flying and whenever he attacks he deals 4 damage to up to one target creature and 3 damage to up to two target creatures.

Image result for drakusth maw of flames

3. Sephara Sky’s Blade. she is a 7/7 with vigalance and lifelink and other creature you control with flying have indestucdeble.

Image result for sphora skys bladde

4. Nicol Bolas Plainswalker. this is a godly card and it should be banned it is also super rare so don’t expect to get so eaisily.

Image result for nicol bolas planeswalker

5. Nicol Bolas Dragon god this is also super super super super super godly and super super super super super rare also it has all the abilitys of all of the other plainswalkers on the battle field.


Image result for nicol bolas planeswalker

My new video game

Over Christmas I got a game called Star Wars The Fallen Order.

It is a sandbox game, (a video game that you can play searching around the map or you do challenges and quests).

You start of as a kid in a ship place then you reveal that you have the force and that you have a lightsaber.

After that you battle the bad guy and you have to jump to get to an escape  ship and you fly to this place were you find this droid named BD-1.

Then you go to a temple and learn to wall run then you use that to go to a vault and then you get a message and you have to go back to the ship.

Then you fly to another planet and there you have new monsters and STORMTROOPERS then you have to stop the emperor and stay alive.

Then I haven’t gone any farther.


This will be back in my next blog (hopefully)……

Memes, Memes and More Memes

Memes were originated by Richard Dawkins in 1976 in The Selfish Gene.


Meme means a humorous picture,video,piece of text,etc that is copied (often with slight variations)and is spread quickly by people on the internet

In 1993 the first internet meme was made by Mike Godwin.

The first popular meme on the internet was the Baby-Cha-Cha made in 1996 and now someone like you crowd sing along in 2019

There are different types of memes like joke memes,video game memes,etc 


Now (in 2019)you can search up memes on the internet and you’ll find hundreds and very  funny ones (if you like weird jokes) like bring me another smurf,help me caffeine you’re my only hope and you don’t have to clean your room if there is no room


(also please search up clean memes not just memes or you’ll find some inappropriate ones)


 Have you seen any good memes if you have then please comment them below


Top 5 Video Games (Of my choice)!!!

1. Minecraft, this game is my favorite by far. You can just build, do some intense survival or play on a server.

2. Fortnite, this game is more of a fighting game so I wouldn’t recommend this for young readers, basically you skydive on a island and find guns to pick up and hit people with.

3. Spider-Man the Video Game for PS4, this game is amazing and Fortnite barely beats it. In this game you control Spider-Man and sometimes his girlfriend MJ. You do lot’s of cool challenges and you can free play.

4.Rocket League, this game is a soccer/basketball game. You have a car and you hit the soccer ball/basketball into the goal\hoop and you play against other people. So I’d recommend that you try it out.

5. Gauntlet Slayer Addition, this game is pretty bloody but you can turn that off in settings. You just hunt for treasure and kill enemies to unlock new skills on the 5 characters (Wizard, Warrior, Elf, Necromancer and Valkyrie) and new levels.

Top 3 Gyms!!

Have you ever been to a gym if not then here are some ones you might want to consider


1. Chapel Hill Gymnastics/Chapel Hill Martial Arts, this is by far my favorite of these gyms because you can inroll your child or teen in gymnastics and martial arts I do gymnastics and it’s a great experience so I would very much recomend it for your child or if a child is reading this ask if they can join.

Image result for chapel hill gymnasticsRelated image

2.USA Ninja Challenge, if you like American Ninja Warrior or parkour then you should try this, they have alot of courses and there’s a summer camp for all ages so please ask your mom, dad or child if they/you could enroll in this.Image result for usa ninja challenge

Image result for usa ninja challenge

3. Triangle Rock Club, this rock climbing gym is another favorite and it also has a summer camp. I think the courses were amazing and there were not that many people (usally) so you got alot of turns on everything. I would give it 5/5 stars so I think you should try it.

Image result for triangle rock club


Image result for triangle rock club