Window or Mirror?

          A bit ago, I finished reading Allies by Alan Gratz. Allies is a historical fiction book about D-Day that uses a variety of different personalities of made up characters to tell the story of D-Day from all perspectives. There are two classifications to books, one is a mirror and the other a window. A mirror book is a book that has many things you relate to like your personality, your religion, where you were born, etc. A window is a book that doesn’t have any of the traits like religion or personality. I have always thought this book was a window from the second I started reading it because there are many different characters and none of them live in the modern world with phones and computers. Instead, they use what they have because it is 1944. Plus, I don’t live in any of the places they live and I don’t have any religions that any of the characters have. In conclusion, I still believe this book is a window and feel that this book wouldn’t relate to many people.