What’s in my Backpack?

         Finding Someplace is a book about a girl named Reesie who lives in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. In the book, Reesie brought a backpack with a sketchbook, pencils, a picture of  Miss Martine, her old neighbor, and Louis Armstrong, and her important papers when trying to run from the flood and get on top of Miss Martine’s rooftop. Soon they get rescued and are dropped off at a stadium where they can stay. During that time Reesie gets mugged and loses her backpack, then finds her dad. Soon everyone is able to evacuate from the wreckage of New Orleans and go somewhere safe.

          If I were in Finding Someplace I would also bring a backpack to survive. During the story Finding Someplace, Andrè, the brother of Orlando who is Reesie’s crush, brought a crowbar so that is why I brought a Swiss Army Knife in my backpack because it is very useful in many different situations. I also brought a birth certificate in my backpack. The first thing I brought was food because if I didn’t have any food then you would starve to death. Then I brought my wallet in my backpack because then I could buy essential resources. I  also brought 5-Hour Energy in my backpack because I will need energy to stay awake. I brought a power brick in my backpack so I could charge up my phone. Just like the Swiss Army knife I brought, I added a phone in my backpack because it is very useful in many situations such as contacting people and passing time. I brought a flare kit in my backpack so that if I am in dire need of getting noticed then I can set it off and someone will hopefully come. Then I would bring a survival knife in my backpack so I would not die if someone attacks me or mugs me. After that, I brought my birth certificate in my backpack so I would not be outlawed when everything becomes normal again. Reesie made meat pies as a snack/dinner so for a snack I brought Takis in my backpack and it is also something to give people who need food. Obviously I brought water in my backpack so I can survive and not die of dehydration. Then I brought earphones in my backpack so I can listen to music. The last thing I brought was a solar powered battery in my backpack so if my portable charger runs out of juice then I can use that. In conclusion, I believe that I would survive the storm and everything would be better for me and Reesie.