Minecraft With My Brother

Yesterday, my brother and I started a Minecraft survival world, and it has been really fun!

We started from scratch with no cheats and no texture pack or mod and have just started to live the Minecraft dream.

We decided to do a seed that a YouTuber named PythonMC  used for a flower forest, then we got some wood and started getting the basic stuff.

When I was getting wood I almost died when a CREEPER came up behind me and blew me up so I only had 2 full hearts!

Then when I was finishing up gathering wood another CREEPER came up behind me and blew me up I had died.  But in Minecraft, you always re-spawn and we made a setting so we wouldn’t lose our stuff.

After that, we started to make our houses, and I made one like PythonMC made but Jack has not finished yet.

Mine is only wood and  is a classic Minecraft house with stairs on the outside.  On the inside, there is a bed, a crafting table, a furnace, and some chests.

Jack’s house so far is a wooden box with stairs going up each side on top of cobblestone. We both have double doors, too.

I am thinking about adding a little side area though so I’m not finished.

The last thing that we made is a little underground area that connects our houses.

If you want to see me giving a house tour, then click below:

Minecraft Video – Jack and Colin

Thanks for reading my blog and seeing what my brother and I have been working on in Minecraft.   It’s been amazing and a lot of fun!


If you want to play on the seed that we used then copy this:                                                   -2157542817995956580

If you want to see Pythons first episode then go to this link:                                                  https://youtu.be/3yQqNCOYfJo

If you want to see PythonsMC’s channel then search up on YouTube:        PythonMC

The world is called PYTHONS WORLD but you can check out other series as well.