My new video game

Over Christmas I got a game called Star Wars The Fallen Order.

It is a sandbox game, (a video game that you can play searching around the map or you do challenges and quests).

You start of as a kid in a ship place then you reveal that you have the force and that you have a lightsaber.

After that you battle the bad guy and you have to jump to get to an escape  ship and you fly to this place were you find this droid named BD-1.

Then you go to a temple and learn to wall run then you use that to go to a vault and then you get a message and you have to go back to the ship.

Then you fly to another planet and there you have new monsters and STORMTROOPERS then you have to stop the emperor and stay alive.

Then I haven’t gone any farther.


This will be back in my next blog (hopefully)……