Memes, Memes and More Memes

Memes were originated by Richard Dawkins in 1976 in The Selfish Gene.


Meme means a humorous picture,video,piece of text,etc that is copied (often with slight variations)and is spread quickly by people on the internet

In 1993 the first internet meme was made by Mike Godwin.

The first popular meme on the internet was the Baby-Cha-Cha made in 1996 and now someone like you crowd sing along in 2019

There are different types of memes like joke memes,video game memes,etc 


Now (in 2019)you can search up memes on the internet and you’ll find hundreds and very  funny ones (if you like weird jokes) like bring me another smurf,help me caffeine you’re my only hope and you don’t have to clean your room if there is no room


(also please search up clean memes not just memes or you’ll find some inappropriate ones)


 Have you seen any good memes if you have then please comment them below