Top 5 Video Games (Of my choice)!!!

1. Minecraft, this game is my favorite by far. You can just build, do some intense survival or play on a server.

2. Fortnite, this game is more of a fighting game so I wouldn’t recommend this for young readers, basically you skydive on a island and find guns to pick up and hit people with.

3. Spider-Man the Video Game for PS4, this game is amazing and Fortnite barely beats it. In this game you control Spider-Man and sometimes his girlfriend MJ. You do lot’s of cool challenges and you can free play.

4.Rocket League, this game is a soccer/basketball game. You have a car and you hit the soccer ball/basketball into the goal\hoop and you play against other people. So I’d recommend that you try it out.

5. Gauntlet Slayer Addition, this game is pretty bloody but you can turn that off in settings. You just hunt for treasure and kill enemies to unlock new skills on the 5 characters (Wizard, Warrior, Elf, Necromancer and Valkyrie) and new levels.

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