Top 3 Gyms!!

Have you ever been to a gym if not then here are some ones you might want to consider


1. Chapel Hill Gymnastics/Chapel Hill Martial Arts, this is by far my favorite of these gyms because you can inroll your child or teen in gymnastics and martial arts I do gymnastics and it’s a great experience so I would very much recomend it for your child or if a child is reading this ask if they can join.

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2.USA Ninja Challenge, if you like American Ninja Warrior or parkour then you should try this, they have alot of courses and there’s a summer camp for all ages so please ask your mom, dad or child if they/you could enroll in this.Image result for usa ninja challenge

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3. Triangle Rock Club, this rock climbing gym is another favorite and it also has a summer camp. I think the courses were amazing and there were not that many people (usally) so you got alot of turns on everything. I would give it 5/5 stars so I think you should try it.

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